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2010 fleetwood discovery 40x
I normally run engine before traveling but, only a few minutes, brake light come on it stays on for 2/3min but it goes off, when I'm at work for 7hrs. I get going same thing. This just started about 1week ago.It's Toyota 2007 tacoma, could you please she'd some light The vehicle’s coil is part of the electrical system that converts the low voltage from the battery into the higher voltage needed for ignition. In addition to a warning light, a bad coil or spark plug can make the engine have a rough idle, misfire or surge. The vehicle may have a difficult start or accelerate slowly. Oct 22, 2013 · On many, the inverter on/off switch ONLY controls turning on the inverter function when not on shore power or generator (i.e would make no difference if plugged in 24/7). There may (or may not) be a program setting that also allows the switch to control the charging function-- but this is NOT the factor default setting. Lamps on vehicles — Parked or stopped vehicles, lighting requirements. 46.37.160: Hazard warning lights and reflectors on farm equipment — Slow-moving vehicle emblem. 46.37.170: Lamps and reflectors on other vehicles and equipment — Slow-moving vehicle emblem on animal-drawn vehicles. 46.37.180: Spot lamps and auxiliary lamps. 46.37.184